3501_0 - i-Snail-VC-25 AC Current Sensor 25Amp

The i-Snail-VC is a self powered AC current transducer that provides a 0-5V dc analog signal proportional to the AC current flowing through the device wire window (sine wave RMS calibrated).
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Manufacturer: Phidgets

The i-Snail-VC is ideal for load monitoring without the need for an external power supply. Factory calibrated, fixed ranges ensure superior accuracy and eliminate configuration and adjustments in the field, saving time and avoiding confusion. Color coded labels allow for easy identification of full scale range.


The 13.7mm (0.54") wire window accommodates a conductor up to AWG #2. Multiple turns of the primary wire may be used to alter the input range. Output voltage is clamped at 6.5V, and the unit delivers a linear output up to 120% overload (6V).


  • Sensor Type : Current (AC Through-Hole)
  • Sensor Output Type : Non-Ratiometric
  • Input Current Min : 0 A
  • Input Current Max : 25 A
  • Current Measurement Resolution : 25 mA
  • Measurement Error Max : 0.5 %
  • Output Voltage Min : 0 V DC
  • Output Voltage Max : 5 V DC
  • Isolation Voltage (AC) : 2.5 kV AC
  • Material : UL94V-0 ABS Plastic
  • Wire Window Size : 13.7 mm
  • Operating Temperature Min : -40 °C
  • Operating Temperature Max : 50 °C

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