3541_0 - RC Linear Actuator L12-50-100-06-R

This servo actuator has a stroke length of 50mm with a peak force of 23N and a peak speed of 12 mm/s.
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Manufacturer: Phidgets
R1 521,70

The L12 Linear Actuator is an axial design with a powerful drivetrain and a rectangular cross section for increased rigidity. The L12 actuator is designed to move push or pull loads along its full stroke length. The speed of travel is determined by the gearing of the actuator and the load or force the actuator is working against at a given point in time. When power is removed, the actuator stops moving and holds its position, unless the applied load exceeds the backdrive force, in which case the actuator will backdrive. Stalling the actuator under power for short periods of time (several seconds) will not damage the actuator. The linear actuator is an alternative to designing with gears, motors, servos and linkages. The controller sees the actuator as a standard RD servo.


Comes packaged with : Two mounting clamps, Two mounting brackets, Two rod end options: a clevis end and a threaded end with nut.

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