3551_0 - PC2121-5M PH Industrial Electrode

The 3551 is an economical combination electrode ideal for general industrial processes. It is well suited for testing pool water, sea water or underground water. It can also be used at high temperature in strong acid or base environments.
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This industrial electrode measures the pH of a solution and connects to the 1130 - pH/ORP Adapter.

The electrode provides a fast, stable response and is ideal for prolonged pH readings. The sealed, high polymer gel-filled design requires virtually no maintenance as there is no need to refill the reference chamber..

The outer tube is made of strong PPS plastic and is threaded (3/4" NPT pipe thread) for ease of installation.

The 3551 measures 160 mm (length) x 29 mm (diameter), can withstand temperatures up to 110°C and measures pH levels from 0 to 14.

It comes with a 6 meter cable terminated by a BNC connector and a bottle of pH electrode solution.

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