AFSB-2XS90 Small Tee Knuckle with Swivellink logo

The Tee Knuckle was designed to work with a Tee Link to create two branches from one base. These knuckles can also be used to give a full 180° range of motion if you do not need through cable routing.
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Manufacturer: Swivel-Link
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The ball base has 2 holes for ease of mounting. The through hole can be used for routing wires, cables, or small hoses. There is an exit groove on the side of the base for cables, hose, and wires.
The knuckle uses a double socket configuration to clamp to the ball on a base, link, or sensor mount. The design allows for a large range of motion while maintaining the internal hose and cable routing ability.
Links are used with knuckles to extend the reach and increase the flexibility. This is a 4” link for longer applications. Links are hollow to continue the cable routing ability.