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The Kvaser Leaf Light supports full speed USB interface for CAN with high performance at a low cost. Loss free transmission and reception of standard and extended CAN messages on the CAN bus is transmitted with a time stamp precision of 100 microseconds. (EOL 2014-09-30) No Housing or cables.
R4 509,50
The Leaf Light HS v2 J1939-13 provides a simple way of connecting a PC with the on-board computer of any J1939 compliant commercial vehicle for diagnostic purposes by means of its USB 2.0 connector and a 9-pin J1939-13 compliant CAN connector.
R5 785,70
Kvaser Leaf Light Rugged is a one channel USB interface for CAN. While the internal components are the same as the popular Leaf Light HS, the rugged IP65-rated housing assures reliable protection against water and dust in harsh environments.
R7 050,00
Kvaser Leaf Professional LIN is a one channel, high performance, USB interface for LIN (LIN 1.3 and 2.x). A versatile and powerful interface that offers easy connection between your PC and LIN network, it includes Kvaser's patented MagiSync feature for synchronized time-stamping and Galvanic Isolation for protection against voltage spikes.
R6 165,90
Kvaser Leaf SemiPro is a one channel USB interface for CAN that is available in two versions; low speed and high speed. It offers the possibility to easily connect your PC and CANbus network. Includes Kvaser's patented MagiSync feature for synchronized time-stamping, and Galvanic Isolation for protection against voltage spikes.
R9 111,80
A Kvaser OBD II Adapter Cable connects any Kvaser CAN bus interface with a DSUB9 female connector to any vehicle with an OBD II (J1962) connector.
R1 700,00
The LJTick-Resistance (LJTRx) makes it easy for LabJack devices to measure resistive sensors. This tick gives users a regulated 2.5V signal that can be used as a excitation voltage and a known resistance value in series with a sensor input line. This gives users the ability to calculate the resistance of their connected sensor. Uses precision 1k, 10k, 100k, or 1M resistors in a resistor divider setup.
The LabJack U12 is a low-cost USB based analogue and digital I/O unit for data logging, data acquisition, measurement and control applications. Supplied with a wide range of FREE Data logging and oscilloscope software and examples for use with most programming and DAQ packages. Now, also supplied with A free COPY OF DAQFactory Express.
R2 460,00
Laurel Electronics LTS61 Serial Serial-to-Analog Converter: RS232/RS485 in, 4-20 mA out, powered by 10-48 Vdc
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