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Kvaser PCIcanx is a high speed CAN interface for the PCI-X and PCI bus. It features Galvanic Isolation for protection against voltage spikes.
R8 283,00
Kvaser PCIEcan is a CAN interface board for the PCI Express bus that is available with either one or two CAN channels. It features Galvanic Isolation for protection against voltage spikes.
R8 283,00
LabJack T7 Data Acquisition IO Device with Network and USB Connectivity
R7 610,20
LabJack U3-HV - Multifunction Data Acquisition for Voltages -10 to +20V with USB connectivity.
R2 174,40
LabJack U3-LV - USB Data Acquisition Unit Low Voltage - 0 to 3.6V
R2 059,90
LabJack U6 Data Acquisition Device with USB connection
R5 702,90
LinkMaster provides a means of linking data between OPC servers, thus serving as a universal bridge for OPC systems. LinkMaster acts as both an OPC server and DDE server, allowing it to bridge legacy DDE systems and new OPC-enabled applications. LinkMaster is a fast and robust Windows application that requires no programming knowledge. Simply "Drag and Drop" to create your links. Built-in scaling, user-access manager, error tracking, and write optimization capabilities provide total control of your data flow and application access.
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The Mitsubishi Suite packages all of Kepware's Mitsubishi drivers for one low price. It contains the Mitsubishi CNC Ethernet, Mitsubishi Ethernet, Mitsubishi FX, Mitsubishi FX Net, and Mitsubishi Serial drivers.
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The Modbus Suite works in conjunction with KEPServerEX to provide OPC Data Access to Modbus-compatible devices. KEPServerEX enables users to configure quick and reliable Modbus connections. It supports communications with multiple protocol networks, including Modbus Plus, TCP/IP Ethernet, RTU Serial, and ASCII Serial. The Modbus Suite provides access to multiple Modbus networks all from a single license.
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