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8 Zone Expansion Module (EXP-800)
Used to Add 2 or more expansion modules to IC-W1 Controller from Irrigationcaddy.
Convert from DB15 to screw terminals for U3, U6, UE9 or T7.
Provides screw terminal connections for the LabJack U12's 16 extra digital I/O. A screwdriver and DB25 cable are included. For the LabJack U12 only.
Converts from DB37 to Screw Terminals
The LJTick-CurrentShunt (LJTCS) is a signal conditioner to convert current measurement to voltage signal.
Provides a pair of 14-bit analog outputs with a range of +/- 10 volts. Plugs into any digital I/O block, and thus up to 10 of these can be used per LabJack to add 20 analog outputs. Works with the T7 and any UD family device (U3/U6/UE9), except for U3 hardware revision 1.20 (U3A)
R1 614,40
Instrumentation Amplifier for connection of devices such as strain gauges and thermocouples to LabJack modules.
R1 205,70
LJTick Relay Driver board allows a Relay or similar device to be controlled from LabJack Products.