Irrigation Caddy W1 V2

Wifi enabled irrigation controller with web based interface. NOT Compatible with Control4- use V1.
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Manufacturer: IrrigationCaddy
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Product Description


The IrrigationCaddy IC-W1 (IC) device is a WiFi enabled web based irrigation control system. The system allows the user to control and schedule an irrigation system from any computer with a web browser. No special software or clients are required, just a Web Browser on a computer, or a mobile phone with the app.


Technical Specs


  • Suppoer Wired AND Wireless network
  • WiFi Enabled
  • 10 or 11 Zones depending on configuration; expandible to 43 using EXP-800
  • 6 Different Programs
  • Complex scheduling (Even / Odd days, Every N Days,etc)
  • Rain Sensor Port
  • USB Port
  • Ability for manual control from the unit
  • Water usage record
  • Zone naming
  • Graphic interface for scheduling
  • NTP Time
  • Max Zone Run Time: 13Hrs

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