Damocles MINI set: SNMP Web relay

Damocles MINI Web-relay with 4 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs.
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Manufacturer: ST-HW
R7 025,00
R4 300,00

Damocles MINI allows you to use a web interface (IP Network) to control two remote relays and read status of 4 digital inputs. 

Can be used to remotely control devices to conserve energy and to record energy use by means of counters. The device can send custom email messages when a contact is closed. 

A typical application is sending email based on Dry contact inputs, remote restart or remote relay control. 


  • 4 digital inputs for contact connecting
  • 2 relay outputs relay contacts (NC and NO)
  • Sensor value out of range: sending Email or SNMP Trap to several recipients.
  • Supports SNMP

Refer to manufactuers website for additional information

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