GN Star Knob GN 6336.4-TE-40-M8-30

Ganter Griff Star Knob GN 6336.4-ST-40-M8-30 LYAMIDE Handle diameter 40, Thread M8, Length 30, Steel Zinc Plated
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The knuckle uses a double socket configuration to clamp to the ball on a base, link, or sensor mount. The design allows for a large range of motion while maintaining the internal hose and cable routing ability.
If your camera has a 1/4-20 tripod mount, you can simply thread on the XS series stem and mount your camera. Mounts to AFSB-2XS, AFSB-2XS90, and AFSB-2-2XS.
Links are used with knuckles to extend the reach and increase the flexibility. This is a 4” link for longer applications. Links are hollow to continue the cable routing ability.