USB / Web / Eth IO

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Damocles MINI Web-relay with 4 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs.
R7 025,00 R4 300,00
LabJack U3-LV - USB Data Acquisition Unit Low Voltage - 0 to 3.6V
R2 059,90
LabJack T7 Data Acquisition IO Device with Network and USB Connectivity
R7 610,20
LabJack U3-HV - Multifunction Data Acquisition for Voltages -10 to +20V with USB connectivity.
R2 174,40
Convert from DB15 to screw terminals for U3, U6, UE9 or T7.
Provides screw terminal connections for the LabJack U12's 16 extra digital I/O. A screwdriver and DB25 cable are included. For the LabJack U12 only.
Converts from DB37 to Screw Terminals
The LJTick-CurrentShunt (LJTCS) is a signal conditioner to convert current measurement to voltage signal.
Provides a pair of 14-bit analog outputs with a range of +/- 10 volts. Plugs into any digital I/O block, and thus up to 10 of these can be used per LabJack to add 20 analog outputs. Works with the T7 and any UD family device (U3/U6/UE9), except for U3 hardware revision 1.20 (U3A)
R1 614,40