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The UP32-IP thermostat is programmable communicating thermostat with connectivity utilizing Ethernet 10/100Mbps technology. In conventional mode, this Etherrnet thermostat can control up to two (2) stages of air conditioning and up to two (2) stages of heating. In heat pump mode, the thermostat can control up to two (2) stages of air conditioning and up to three (3) stages of heat, including auxiliary heat and emergency heat, with electric or gas (dual fuel). Integrated Weatherbug gives full 7-day forecasting and heat pump balance point control without the need for an outdoor sensor. This thermostat is an advanced version of the RP32-IP thermostat. With the UP32-IP, up to 11 total remote sensors of 6 different types can be wired to the thermostat's remote sensor bus, allowing sensing and monitoring of remote room temperature (up to 6 indoor sensors), outdoor, humidity, and up to 3 auxiliary sensors for supply air, return air, spare temperature (think walk in freezer or server room), and occupancy. The unit will work for the vast majority of the HVAC units in the marketplace.
R8 178,30
Damocles MINI Web-relay with 4 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs.
R7 025,00 R4 300,00
Ares12 is a GSM device for monitoring of remote environments.
R12 500,00 R6 020,00
HWg-WLD is an IP based water sensor with water leak detection cable. The product features a Web server, SNMP support, e-mail alerts. HWg-WLD can control remote relay outputs over IP (switch remote relay ON/OFF if water leak is detected).
R6 440,00 R3 440,00
Wifi enabled irrigation controller with web based interface. NOT Compatible with Control4- use V1.
R4 385,40
PowerEgg2 combines two functions in one device -power Detector & Control. Detector indicate failures of electricity supply (110/230V, single phase) by relay output. Power Control can switch Off/On power supply output 8A, it's controlled with a low voltage input. The PowerEgg can be connected to any device with digital inputs (DI) and digital outputs (DO).
R2 776,00 R1 806,00