Part Picking

Part Picking systems are used to aid operators in the selection and verification of parts during assemly or packing processes. Systems indicate the required part(s) by means of visual indication. Selection of the part is verified by means of automatic or manual detection. Do you need a turnkey part-picking solution? Contact

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Economic Pick Tag
R 429,70
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AT502 2-Digit Picking Tag
R 474,80
3-Digit, 4 Lightable Buttons Pick Tag
R 689,60
The conduction bar is the medium for power and communication from the controller (AT500) to the devices in the PTL system. You need to unroll the conduction bar first and make it as flat as possible to prevent any poor contacts to the devices. You will need a pair of metal-cutting scissors to cut the conduction bar into sections in properlengths to fit in the rails. Sold per meter.
R 33,90