Phidgets are modular components that can be connected to provide sensing and control for your PC. Phidgets connect to the PC via USB port. A wide variety of sensors and devices are available.

Phidgets are useful for research and development; hobbyists and industry. 

Phidgets support a wide variety of programing languages.

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Outputs a voltage from -10V to +10V. The PhidgetAnalog 4-Output Produces a voltage over -10V to +10V. This voltage will be asserted up to +-20mA. An error will be reported when this current is exceeded, and the voltage the customer is getting is no longer accurate. The voltage is produced with 12 bit resolution (4.8mV). The board is not isolated and all 4 channels share a common ground. All the power is supplied by the USB bus.
R1 665,00
Phidget 1019_1 is a combination of Phidget 1018_2 and a USB hub. The device has combination of 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs and 8 analogue inputs.
R2 383,70
Read GPS position, altitude, velocity and direction with this Phidget. Accuracy up to 2.5m.
R1 430,40
The Phidget 1042_0 combines the functionality of a 3-axis compass, a 3-axis gyroscope, and a 3-axis accelerometer. Connects directly to your PC USB port.
R1 334,00
The PhidgetSpatial Precision 3/3/3 combines the functionality of a 3-axis compass, a 3-axis gyroscope, and a 3-axis accelerometer all in one convenient package. It has enhanced precision in the accelerometer when measuring less than ±2g, and enhanced gyroscope precision at speeds less than 100°/s. The transition from high precision to low precision mode and back is completely seamless and automatic. Comes Packaged with A 3018 - Mini-USB Cable 180cm, A Hardware mounting kit (4 nuts and bolts (M3), 4 plastic spacers).
R2 669,90
Read up to four encoders simultaneously with this Encoder Interface. You can read limit switches or other simple sensors with the digital inputs.
R1 907,10
Connect up to four thermocouples to this board to measure the temperature of four different objects. Plugs directly into a USB port.
R1 907,10
Connect a thermocouple to this board to measure the temperature of an object or area. Plugs directly into a USB port.
R1 037,60
Measures the frequency of an analog or digital signal and power small devices like Hall Effect sensors, flow rate sensors, and tachometers.
R1 430,40