RG2 Industrial Robot Gripper

The RG2 is an electrical industrial robot gripper that can handle a variation of different object sizes. Typically for pick and place applications. The gripping force as well as the gripping width can be preset to custom requirements.

Shipping date: 5-10 days
Manufacturer: Universal Robots
R73 500,00
  • Plug n' Play
  • Payload up to 2 Kg
  • Gripper stroke 0 - 110 mm
  • Force and Width detection
  • Adjustable Gripping Force 3 - 40N
  • Typical Gripping Time 70 ms
  • Runs directly from the robot.
  • No need for wiring or external programming.
  • Adjustable force is set in the Universal Robots software.
  • In case of power loss the gripping force is maintained.
  • Uses I/O’s to give feedback on reached force or width.