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Laurel Electronics LTS61 Serial Serial-to-Analog Converter: RS232/RS485 in, 4-20 mA out, powered by 10-48 Vdc
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PowerEgg2 combines two functions in one device -power Detector & Control. Detector indicate failures of electricity supply (110/230V, single phase) by relay output. Power Control can switch Off/On power supply output 8A, it's controlled with a low voltage input. The PowerEgg can be connected to any device with digital inputs (DI) and digital outputs (DO).
R 2 776,00 R 1 806,00
Damocles MINI Web-relay with 4 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs.
R 7 025,00 R 4 300,00
Ethernet based irrigation system controller.
R 3 160,00
Wifi enabled irrigation controller with web based interface. NOT Compatible with Control4- use V1.
R 4 385,40
8 Zone Expansion Module (EXP-800)
R 913,70
Used to Add 2 or more expansion modules to IC-W1 Controller from Irrigationcaddy.
R 300,10
X-320M™ is a high-end weather station controller. Combination with meteorological sensors from various manufacturers can allow the product to remotely view and collect data of current wind speed and direction, precipitation, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, barometric pressure, among others. These parameters are measured and calculated and can also later-on be viewed on a web-page where it is beautifully displayed and represented. This web-page can be viewed from a great variety of devices, including a laptop, tablet, mobile phone or any web-browser.
R 6 465,65