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For AC switching applications, this solid state relay is economical and reliable. Using the digital outputs from a Phidgets device, you can control the relay to silently switch a AC circuit upto 280V/25A or less. There's an indicator LED on the control side of the circuit so you can tell the state of the relay at a glance.
R 385,00
S18 EZ-LIGHT - 18 mm - IP67, Single Color: Red, 10-30 Vdc PNP Input, 4 Wire 2m Cable
R 300,00
Pump Control Relay for up to 1.5kW Pump; includes base. 24VAC 10A
R 107,30
WebRelay-Quad allows you to control 4 relays remotely - single pole double throw) SPDT. These relays can be controlled conveniently from a standard web browser - accessible on a wide variety of devices, including PC, Laptop, or even a tablet or your smartphone.
R 2 474,85
PowerEgg2 combines two functions in one device -power Detector & Control. Detector indicate failures of electricity supply (110/230V, single phase) by relay output. Power Control can switch Off/On power supply output 8A, it's controlled with a low voltage input. The PowerEgg can be connected to any device with digital inputs (DI) and digital outputs (DO).
R 2 776,00 R 1 806,00