X-WR-10R12-IP WebRelay-10 Plus Industrial Web Relay Module

WebRelay-10™ is the ultimate powerhouse when it comes to remote relay control! The module has a total of ten 30A electro-mechanical relays which can be connected directly with high power devices. Over the network each of these relays can be controlled individually to fulfill their specific purpose.
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WebRelay-10™ is a robust, industrial relay board. It also communicate via the Ethernet and, through use of its ten large 30Amp relays, provide powerful remote relay control. By using a standard web browser or by sending commands from a custom control application, these relays can be controlled individually. It is self-contained with an integrated web server. No external software, additional network modules, or computers are required for setup or operation.


The WebRelay-10™ has been built with industrial applications in mind and can be easily mounted inside a control cabinet, on a DIN-Rail. 635mm tab connectors are used for the contact connections for power and relay.


  • Ten 30Amp Relays, which can be controlled individually (Form C, SPDT).
  • Powerful, integrated web server for setup and control within a browser.
  • Doesn't require any special software or device drivers.
  • Communications with custom computer applications are made simple with a XML status and control page.
  • Can be configured to be used as a Modbus/TCP slave.
  • Can be set to two modes: "On/Off" and "Pulse".
  • Power supply range stretches from 10-36 VDC.
  • Can easily be mounted on a DIN-Rail.
  • Current relay state are indicated by LEDs.
  • Tab connectors are 635mm in length 
  • UL/CUL listed relays (E197852).
  • Event scheduler with 100 programmable events, also includes a yearly calendar.
  • User-defined triggers or breaking points can trigger automatic e-mail alerts or notifications to be sent to the user
  • For environmental monitoring, a total of up to eight temperature and/or humidity sensors can be connected (within your purchase, one temperature sensor is included).
  • For local relay control or external device monitoring, you can connect dry-contact sensors or switches.
  • Log relay changes, events, Modbus requests, high/low temperatures, input changes, network traffic, etc. are all logged.
  • Real-time clock with NTP server synchronization.
  • Detailed diagnostic information can be accessed from the system log.
  • For advanced functionality, BASIC scripts are supported and can be interpreted.
  • Is either manually or DHCP configurable.

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