X-WR-1R12-1I24-I WebRelay Industrial with 11-26V Inputs

WebRelay is an electrical relay, also known as an electrical switch. It also has a built-in web server. You can turn the relay on or off, or you can even pulse it by making use of a web browser. Over a long period of time, it has proven itself to be reliable in many different applications including remote reboot, industrial control, security, and remote control and monitoring.
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WebRelay provides a remote relay control solution for various applications including pump and motor control, security lock systems, remote reboot, and lighting control. Imagination is the only limit with WebRelay's powerful and versatile design.


WebRelay also has an optically isolated input that can be used to monitor various devices' states, allow for relay control, or you can even control a remote relay elsewhere on the network. Through this, the PLC output can be extended to another building or even allow a switch to control a device in another state.


  • Programming not required
  • Using a standard web browser or text-based XML messages gives you full control
  • Can be used as a Modbus/TCP slave
  • Password secure
  • 12 Amp relay contacts
  • 2 modes: "On/Off" and "Pulse"
  • Optically isolated input can be used for: Monitoring,Relay control,Remote relay control (p2p)
  • Auto-Reboot controller mode for remote reboot of network devices
  • TCP ports can be selected
  • Includes two-piece (8-pin) removable terminal connectors 
  • DIN rail or wall-mount
  • Allows for two power supply options: 9-28 VDC or Power-Over-Ethernet (802.3af)

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